Who is
Cha Cha?

We’re a crew of fun loving people who are passionate about being on the water. We enjoy showing people a unique experience that is genuine and memorable.

We want to give you a taste of traditional Italian island leisure and have a fun time out at sea.

Good vibes

What we do best is try to slow down and enjoy the moment. This is for the boat enthusiasts, the history buffs, the foodies, adventure seekers and all people who appreciate good service.

Whether you’re interested in history and going on a cultural tour, having a unique seafood culinary experience or simply sunbathing and swimming with your friends and family, we have the tour for you.

White shark
Gozzo Veloce

Meet The Fleet

This is the story of 40-year-old, gozzo wooden fishing boats from the Amalfi coast, that have been carefully restored and given a second chance at life, and are here for the first time in the Arabian gulf to ferry you around and show you a good time.

Good vides

We’re all about living life the dolce far niente way – being carefree, relaxed, rested. There’s beauty in taking a moment to do nothing and we’re here to remind you of that, because once you step onto a Cha Cha boat ride, time stands still and the outside world fades away.

What is a
Gozzo Boat?

Our fleet of Gozzo boats hails all the way from the Amalfi coast and was carefully restored here in Dubai.

They are the first of their kind in the region. Gozzos
are traditional Italian fishing boats, that ferry movie stars around the island of Capri—they are an iconic symbol
of Italian vacation vibes.

More question?

We cruise all year round and love crafting unique experiences.

Get in touch if you’d like to customize your own boat ride.

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© 2022 Cha Cha Boats. All rights reserved.